2 comments on “Lithologic 1 – 12

  1. I just love and admire your eye! I’ve been bouncing around your site drinking in the beautiful images and I so very much appreciate your sense for form, texture, color, and geometry. There’s so many images here that I’d wish I’d taken! (ha ha but true!). How I wish we could take some nature walks together for we seem to see some of the same wonder and beauty in our world. Always uplifting to encounter and share a little (even if only electronically) with a kindred soul. Thanks so much!!!

    • Thank you so much, David, for your very generous comments. We do indeed both seem to love finding interesting juxtapositions, alignments, and compositions, in both the natural and man-made world. Patterns, textures, and colours in regular and abstract forms. There is so much to focus on that adds to an appreciation of our surroundings, and enhance our experience.

      It would indeed be interesting to share a walk together and compare notes, as it were, on subjects to photograph and our individual perceptions and perspectives.

      By the way, The abstract patterns in the Lithologic series of photographs were found on a quarried limestone rock face where, over a long period of time, groundwater with high levels of dissolved calcium had seeped out of the cracks between the horizontal layers of stone and run down the vertical exposed surface. As the water evaporates, the calcium is precipitated as a thin almost translucent layer, often stained by iron minerals, that looks like wax running down a candle. These patterns and textures on the rock are a lot like the stalactites and stalagmites found in caves.

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